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‘Early’.¬†White horse Qin Mu Maple next to the heart went out to see also just came out and said hello to her, she stopped playing to half of yawn, sorry nodded to him, had a nightmare last night, and later have been pondering that nightmare, so after midnight didn’t sleep very well.

‘You didn’t sleep well last night? ‘Mu Feng stopped by the door waiting for harp, harp saw and hurried to his side.

‘Well, dreamed a strange dream. ‘Harp with his head down, next to MU Feng gave her a feeling of pressure, although she had imagined for a long time such a situation, but in reality, it was the first time, she tried to make her nervous, but there seems to be no way.

Should have been a long corridor, I don’t know why, Jean think it’s surprisingly short, first came to the stairs, and Murong Feng set the summer rain is very pleased to run Mu Maple side. So the piano is walking down the stairs from the side.

‘Sister Jean heart, are you awake? I’m going to wake you up. ‘Zhou Zhiqing sat on the living room couch, see Jean screamed.

Downstairs has a lot of people in the active, Jean suddenly found to have someone put on the same red as Xiao Yu. The man suddenly looked up at the piano, a sickly pale with Xiao Yu, Jean heart can’t take my eyes away from him.

‘How long are you, now seven. Have you had breakfast yet? ‘Jean stepped into the kitchen, has put a lot of good things in the kitchen.

‘No way, think of is starting to play the game, not sleep. I ate … … ‘Zhou Zhi Qin into the kitchen,’ and, Oh…… ‘at this point, she has weird laugh a bit.

Jean looked at her quizzically, then see her do not know where to come up with a bag.

‘What are you? ‘Music takes a piece of bread, make a cup of tea, sat down at the kitchen table and eat up.

‘This is the essential thing for playing this game. ‘With that, she threw up her tongue,’ you eat this for breakfast? No nutritional Yes! ‘She cannot agree at the piano in front of things.

‘Yes, so eating is bad for your health. ‘Mu Feng suddenly appeared beside said, saying at the same time, also had a bowl of porridge on a piano before,’ eat a bowl of porridge. ‘

Jean is satiated, but because the person is like to own and couldn’t very well refuse, not to suffer a face looking at the bowl.

MU Feng took the piano hands and hearts that Cup of tea, ‘don’t drink this not on the line. ‘Take a cool smile in his voice.

Jean heart felt his face seems to be hot, so I buried my face in the bowl. Moose Maple himself a bowl of porridge, also beside eat up.

‘The girl called summer surprise, if possible and as soon as you set up. ‘Mu Feng suddenly said softly.

Music mind upon hearing this suddenly looked Mu feng, Mu Feng did not look up.

‘Sister Jean heart, who is he? ‘Zhou Zhi Qin asked in a whispered in his ear.

‘Students of the same school. ‘Jean whispered answer.

‘Oh, I thought you were lovers. ‘This sentence: the talk very loud, Jean thought to cover: the mouth, see Mu Maple red ears, her heart not by’ Racing ‘jumped up, maybe … … Perhaps, she’s not unrequited love.

Breakfast table in a hurry to escape from the piano, the last with Mu Feng said nothing.

Who would have thought that this is the piano first and last live Mu-Maple dinner.

Games in the piano began after breakfast, everyone was on hand plane map of the House. In order not to crash into each other with them, Zhou Zhi decided to start from the corners of the room, on the map the place says ‘old settlements’ three words.

‘Old settlements’, they first have to go through a path, the side of the road full of weeds, weeds have grown to Jean waist, about a meter or so. At the same time, keen-eyed Zhi, found a slotted screwdriver with grass, so he picked it up and put it in a bag, Jean looked at her curiously beside.

‘Wait a minute it will be useful, many games are set in this way. ‘Expression of Zhou Zhi Qin explained.

Jean nodded a lot, so they went through a similar warehouse where, on the left is a large fitness centers, because it is not their destination, so they turn directly to the right, a place to sleep last night with them is very similar to that of the House appears in front of them.

When they came to the door, he found the door unlocked.

‘Here we go, here may be prohibited from entering the place. ‘Jean see that lock, Zhi said.

‘Jean heart sister, you’re so naive, this game is we find the so-called secret, if you think we don’t want to find out what secret. ‘

With that, Zhi began to observe the lock, follows her observation instrument with heart and found that this was not an ordinary lock, there is no Keyhole on the lock side are four notches.

‘Look, this is the secret,’ said, Chi looked up at the piano, ‘do you think the hole above familiar? ‘

Harp carefully observe the hole again, ‘Oh, that’s not Poker four shape? ‘

‘Yes, now we got to looking around, should be able to find the stones to be set in this thing. ‘With that, Zhi from the bag and took out a magnifying glass and gave Jean a, then from inside his own use.

No way? In such a great place to find four small things, this is called: needle in a haystack? Jean protested, but the sight of Zhi has seriously looked around, only wanted to say those words are swallowed.

Jean looked at the place that is full of weeds, and should not be hidden in here, right? Qin turned and prepared to look elsewhere, it was in this moment, she noticed something shiny at the leaf, stretch out your hand carefully down, it was a heart-shaped red jewel-like things. Jean gladly run to lock there, loaded up the heart-shaped jewels, it was in this moment, she found it had a square and plum-shaped stones, she turned around, looked at the still hard to find gems of Zhou Zhi, she is too much of it?

‘Got it, got it! ‘Zhou Zhi happily came from there, and then loaded up the last spade,’ popping ‘sound locks open. Neither of them put that little rusty iron gate opened.

‘Excuse me, outlaws of the day who is Jetstar? ‘

Unexpectedly standing in front of an electronic gate.

‘Sister Jean heart, did you ever see the outlaws? I have never seen, what should I do? ‘Zhou Zhi was very calm next when suddenly got into a panic.

‘See is seen, but so what, I don’t really think, let me think……’ Jean thought of outlaws of the Marsh in the figure, Dai Zhong, no, no, he is the Super Star, who is it? ‘Oh, I remember, was that Zhang. ‘

‘Zhang answered correctly. ” Beep ‘sound, the door opened.

Zhou Zhi and white piano went, inside a dark